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Lifestyle cover offers a short-term income-protection policy.

It pays you a tax-free monthly benefit for up to 12 months if you unable to work due to an accident or sickness or if you become unemployed through no fault of your own. You can choose a policy that protects you against all of these events, or you can choose a policy to protect you against accident and sickness only, or unemployment only.

You choose a deferred initial period of your claim, in which you’ll receive no benefit. You can choose a deferred period of 30, 60 or 90 days for accident or sickness and unemployment options. You can also have a longer deferred period of 180 days for accident and sickness cover. We can help you decide which deferred period is best for you, based on your circumstances, considering issues like any sick pay you get from your employer or any savings you have.

You can choose the amount of monthly benefit you will receive, up to 65% of your gross monthly income (up to 65% of your wages before income tax and National Insurance contributions have been taken).

There are limits to the cover provided and some circumstances won’t be covered, which our advisors can go through when choosing your policy.

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